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My name is Erik Nielsen.

I'm a front-end web developer, independent contractor, and software engineer based in Chicago, Illinois. I focus heavily on jQuery user-interaction websites and applications, as well as OS X desktop apps. I also dabble in micro-consulting – that is, if you have a question regarding a project or need a little help with quick turn around, I make myself available. For the past two years I've been a member of the amazing development team at Clique Studios.

If you'd like to learn more about my personal projects, check out my GitHub page. If you need my assistance on a project of yours, feel free to request me on HackHands. For more about how Clique Studios can help you, please see our contact page, where you'll be put in direct contact with Derek or Ted, our managing partners.

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Forest Good

Forest Good

Co-Founder, HackHands

"Erik has been instrumental in helping get HackHands off the ground by providing extremely reliable development consulting to our customers."

Daniel Mason

Daniel Mason

Data Scientist/Entrepreneur

"Erik and I have worked together on a number of different projects, each of which has been been delivered quickly, even on tight deadlines. The value of working with a developer that can take abstract projects and deliver results can't be overstated."

Jerome Gentolia

Jerome Gentolia

Member, HackHands

"Got solutions to my problems quick. Will definitely request for Erik again. Five stars."

Check out my latest project: Automatic App Translator


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